The Importance of Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings and Checkups

You may think a dentist only focuses on fixing rather than preventing problems with your teeth and gums. But at Perfect Smiles Dental in Pleasant Hill, CA, Dr. Nupur Gupta  strives to prevent or catch problems early, when they’re easiest to treat. Dental checkups make that possible. Dr. Gupta can spot an issue long before pain signals your need for care. In detecting issues early, she can take steps to not only remedy the situation but to protect the future of your oral health.       

Your dental checkups help us correct tooth decay before it hurts

By the time you feel pain from a cavity, your tooth decay has progressed through your outer protective enamel to the soft, living tissue beneath. 

During a dental checkup, even a soft shadow or slight discoloration on a tooth (often white or tan) can alert Dr. Gupta to a weak area where acid-producing bacteria are making progress at dissolving your enamel. This is the earliest form of decay.

When decay is detected at this state, simple treatments can often halt or reverse the problem, such as a professional-grade cleaning and polishing followed by fluoride applications to strengthen the enamel. 

Dental checkups can uncover hidden problems

It’s difficult, often impossible, to get a comprehensive look at your own molars or the backs of your front teeth if you’re not an expert. With her professional instruments and  X-rays, when appropriate, Dr. Gupta can spot even tiny cracks or chips, cavities, and other abnormalities during a dental checkup. X-rays can also check the health of tooth structures under your gum line or monitor for decay between your teeth. 

Dental checkups provide a chance to detect gum disease early

Gum disease is a progressive condition that can eventually lead to tooth loss, destruction of bone in your jaw, and systemic infections that may affect your heart health. Healthy gums fit snugly against your teeth and help prevent decay-causing bacteria from finding a home under your gum line.

Part of your oral checkup at Perfect Smiles includes a careful evaluation of your gums for warning signs like redness and inflammation that may indicate gingivitis. This is the earliest stage of gum disease and is easily treated with a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup, proper brushing and flossing at home, and possibly a rinse that helps remove plaque. 

Dental checkups ease fears of potentially serious health concerns

Your dental checkup includes an examination for signs of oral cancer. This includes an examination of your jaw, the sides of your neck, and the insides of your lips and cheeks. You can also expect your dentist to examine your tongue as well as the floor and roof of your mouth for small sores or other tissue irregularities.

Dr. Gupta also reviews your medical history and the medicines you regularly take to keep abreast of any health conditions, such as diabetes, that may affect your dental treatments and oral health.

Dental checkups include necessary cleanings

With their expertise and specialized tools, dental professionals get tough to reach debris that even the most diligent brush and flosser can’t. 

During a professional dental cleaning, plaque and tartar that grow and harden on your teeth are removed. Removing plaque is important because leaving it to accumulate in your mouth can lead to serious gum diseases like gingivitis. 

A dental checkup and cleaning only takes about an hour and can significantly decrease the discomfort as well as the expense of dealing with progressive dental issues. Don’t put it off, schedule your checkup today by calling Perfect Smile at (925) 255-0210 or use our convenient online booking tool.

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