Dental Bonding In Pleasant Hill

If you suffer from a fractured, chipped, discolored, or decaying tooth, bonding offers an excellent natural looking solution to repair your issue.

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What is bonding?

Bonding is similar to the veneer process but far more straightforward, considering no laboratory manufacturing is required, and bonding can occur within a single visit to our Perfect Smiles Dental office. The treatment is called bonding on account of the ceramic material literally bonding to your teeth.

Dental Bonding Pleasant Hill Procedure

The process

There are no preparations required for the bonding process, nor do anesthetic tend to be necessary, unless you are treating a tooth that has decayed.

The process is simple. You and your dentist in Pleasant Hill will use a shade guide to choose a composite resin with a color that closely matches your specific teeth.

At this point, your oral specialist will etch or abrade the tooth's surface to roughen it. Then the tooth will be lightly coated with a special liquid to assist in applying the bonding material.

Once the tooth is adequately prepared, your specialist will apply the bonding resin material, which will be molded and then smoothed to ensure we achieve the proper form and shape.

Then we will use a laser or ultraviolet light to solidify the material. Once the bonding resin has solidified, your oral specialists will continue to shape and trim the bond. Once we're satisfied, the materials will be further polished until the sheen fully matches the rest of the surface of your teeth.

The entire procedure takes no longer than roughly 30-60 minutes to complete. Should more than one tooth require bonding, it may be necessary to schedule multiple visits.

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Is bonding right for me?

Due to its affordable and straightforward nature, bonding is a popular choice to address cosmetic dental concerns.

Bonding utilizes a composite resin that we're able to shape, polish, and color to match all of your teeth surrounding the affected area. While dental bonding in Pleasant Hill is most commonly used to restore a chipped or discolored tooth, it is also often applied to fill in gaps between teeth or to make teeth appear longer. It is also common to utilize bonding as another option to amalgam fillings or to safeguard roots of teeth that have been exposed to receding gums.

Maintaining your bond

After the procedure is complete, we recommend that you avoid substances such as tobacco, coffee, tea, or anything else that might potential stain the material. These precautions are particularly essential within the first 48 hours following your procedure.

The bonding material, or composite resin, isn't as durable as a real tooth, so habits such as fingernail biting, or chewing on pencils or ice can cause damage to the materials.

Given Perfect Smiles Dental's first class bonding materials, our bonds have the potential to last for many many years before further reparations are required, but that depends entirely on your oral hygiene habits and personal care.

In the days following the procedure, should you notice any edges or should you feel any sharp textures on your bonded teeth, or any other strange sensations whatsoever when you bite, contact your oral specialist for a checkup.

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