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Are you experiencing a missing tooth? Well, join the club! You would be surprised to learn just how many of our Pleasant Hill dental patients are suffering from this very common condition. These days, more and more people are saying adios to the removable dentures in favor of dental implant solutions to rescue their smile and put the skip back in their step!

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What are they?

Dental implants are an invention created from biocompatible materials, such as titanium, that are surgically planted directly into the patient's jaw that acts as a substitute or replacement for lost or missing teeth.

Essentially, implants act as an enduring anchor that bonds with the jawbone naturally. Once we've completed this process, a custom created crown is attached to the anchor, which serves to fill the gap created by your missing tooth. Our highly trained team of Pleasant Hill dental implant specialists are standing by to offer all further information about this process.

Procedure Journey

Before The Procedure

During your first visit, we will take some X-rays, cast a series of molds, and obtain teeth impressions to make the best possible preparation for your oral surgery. It will be during this appointment that your dentist in Pleasant Hill will review all possible options for you to best establish the most optimal oral plan for you.

This visit will be a crucial opportunity to confirm all of your expectations with your dental professional, to clear up any uncertainties, and to get every last question off your chest, to enter the dental implant treatment with a clear mind.

The Procedure

Once you and your oral specialist establish every last detail of your specifically tailored plan, the time will come to make an appointment for the procedure itself. The process consists of the placement of the dental implant, otherwise known as an artificial root, securely into your jawbone. Your oral specialist will then number the area that's been affected so to make an incision that reaches the bone, creating a small space that will make room to place the implant post.

That's all there is to the first step of the procedure, considering there will be a required healing period for the implant before any further steps. While this healing occurs, the implant will incorporate naturally in the patient's jawbone, making for a durable and stable anchor for what will soon become your new tooth.

Once your dentist is confident that the period of healing has come to an end, the time will come to insert your new crown, or artificial tooth, into the prepared space. This particular stage of the procedure may take a couple of checkups so to ensure the finality of the adjustments, but once you and your oral specialist are both pleased with the results of the treatment, then your new tooth will be permanently attached and all ready to unveil to the world!

After The Procedure

While you are recovering, it will be normal for you to experience a small amount of discomfort or pain during the healing process. That is why it is essential that you plan for a day or two of much-needed rest after the procedure to take it easy and allow the treatment to conclude its recovery naturally. If your procedure is more complicated than the average operation, it is possible that your healing period may require a few extra days to ensure the job is done.

As for your post-procedural diet, you and your oral specialist will work together to come up with a healthy meal plan that works for you so to maximize the healing. It will be vital that you stick to soft, easy to chew foods for most of the month following the treatment. It will be better to avoid hot foods as well. We strongly discourage the use of straws until your mouth has fully finished its healing. We also suggest that you abstain from tobacco and alcohol for the first week after the procedure, as these substances can be extremely damaging to the recovery process.

With a diligent oral hygiene routine and by taking care to follow the plan set up by you and your dentist, your new implants will be durable, strong, and last for years and years to come. The longevity depends on you! The better you treat your teeth, by eating right and keeping up with good oral hygiene habits, including routine visits to our Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill Dental practice, the stronger and brighter your smile will shine for decades!

Are Dental implants right for me?

If you suffer from a missing tooth, and it's causing you any discomfort, physically or emotionally, dental implants in Pleasant Hill offer a massive relief from many of the ailments associated with tooth loss, such as pain in your jaw, issues with your speech or smile, poor digestion caused by an improper bite, a supported bridge, and so on.

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“Wonderful friendly and kind staff! I've had anxiety going to the dentist my whole life and while it's not gone the staff has helped to ease some of that anxiety and stress."
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