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Perfect Smiles Dental offers the finest, most premiere advances in partial and full dentures available.

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As we drift further and deeper into the ages, even those who practice the diligent oral care in their daily lives will come to discover that additional dental assistance may become necessary at one point or another.

At these life stages, many members of our community come to find that dentures in Pleasant Hill may be the most practical, feasible, and affordable solution for this reality.

With all the advancements in modern dentistry, there is no shortage of options nowadays to approach and replace missing teeth, and yet even today, numerous Perfect Smiles Dental patients are still choosing the time-tested and very affordable method of Pleasant Hill's premiere dentures and partial dentures.

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Are Dentures right for you?

With so many striking advancements in the field of dentistry nowadays, it may strike some as a bit old fashioned to choose dentures; however, there are plenty of great reasons and considerable benefits to this treatment that you should consider before selecting the dental solution for you.

Perhaps the most significant benefit is the price, considering that to this day, partial or full dentures continue to be the most affordable choice available. Maintenance is another strong pro, given the simplicity of caring for your dentures.

They are a breeze to clean, and they're also quite convenient to insert and remove. Perhaps the most significant benefit of all for many of our Pleasant Hill patients is the simple fact that no surgery is required for this solution. Partial or full dentures are natural in their appearance and leave you looking fantastic with minimal intrusiveness.

What To Expect

For our Perfect Smiles Dental patients of Pleasant Hill suffering from tooth loss, whether it's a single tooth or a significantly higher number, dentures are very likely the most optimal solution for your needs.

Yes, there are many approaches to solving this ancient dental issue, but none are as pain-free and generally comfortable as full or partial dentures. To gather the most comprehensive information available, contact our Perfect Smiles Dental practice today to learn all about our premiere dentures in Pleasant Hill. Our friendly staff is ready and eager to assist in answering all the questions you may have. We're eager to steer you toward your best smile today, so call now to begin your journey to dental greatness!

What Are The Differences?

When choosing the denture path, your two options are partial or full dentures. For those who are only missing a few teeth on the arch of your upper or lower gums, partial dentures are the choice for you.

However, if your dental issues are more severe, it may become necessary to obtain full dentures to most astutely revive your smile back to its full potential.

Everyone's gums are unique, and our dentures are manufactured form the finest in either metal or acrylic materials, made to meld into your mouth securely. To help keep the dentures safe, secure, and snug, a simple adhesive or suction solution will possibly be utilized, however, in some cases, we may require implants to act as a dental anchor.

“I had a thorough exam and cleaning today with a well formulated treatment plan moving forward. Staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. I will be coming back in the future."
“Pleasant staff. Great experience. No wait. The dental hygienist made me very comfortable and explained everything to me. Awesome receptionist. Would definitely recommend."
“Perfect mix of personalities made my experience wonderful. I was made to feel comfortable and it was a painless procedure"
“I love this place!! It is amazing. I purchased a Groupon and it was well spent. My hygienists really took her time and made me feel special. She also used old school and new school tools."
“Friendly staff, patient doctor who explains everything extensively. They offered me a discount without me asking. Well worth the drive."
“Wonderful friendly and kind staff! I've had anxiety going to the dentist my whole life and while it's not gone the staff has helped to ease some of that anxiety and stress."
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