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For a highly effective method of restoring fractured and frayed teeth, porcelain veneers are an excellent method for restoring and enhancing your smile.

There is a drawback, however, and it involves the excavation of teeth enamel to make room, with which some patients may be uncomfortable. So, for patients interested in achieving the same goals but who are reluctant to risk any form of permanent adjustment, there is a solution for our Pleasant Hill oral community - Lumineers!

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Who Are Lumineers For?

Lumineers are the perfect solution for many common dental concerns, like:

  • Chips
  • Wear
  • Pain
  • Oral Symmetry
  • Discoloration
  • General Smile Improvements

Procedure Journey

Before The Procedure

During your first appointment, after we explore all goals and options, your dentist in Pleasant Hill will obtain an impression of your teeth to customize your unique set of Lumineers, tailored to your unique smile, right down to the exact color.

The Procedure

When you come back to our office for the next and most fundamental step of the procedure, the dentist will carefully place the fine porcelain shell snugly atop your teeth’s surface.

At this point, we will check in with you to confirm that the shape, fit, and color of the Lumineers have been bonded to yours and your dentist’s mutual satisfaction. It’s a reasonably fast process that allows you to leave our office immediately reaping the benefits of your new and restored shining smile.

After The Procedure

Aside from ensuring that you sustain your everyday oral hygiene habits, there is no special Lumineer maintenance required. Continue to brush diligently and keep up the routine visits to our Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill dental office and your Lumineers could last well over 20 years!

Unlike with porcelain veneers, since no permanent alteration has occurred, it is entirely possible to change your mind and remove the Lumineers in Pleasant Hill, but it is doubtful that you’ll wish to do so once you see the results.

What Do Lumineers Do?

Lumineers feel and look as light as contact lenses, and yet, their durability is remarkable. Lumineers work to completely dress the affected area, offering a clean and resilient fresh exterior, all the while keeping the foundation of your tooth entirely intact with no enamel affected.

“I had a thorough exam and cleaning today with a well formulated treatment plan moving forward. Staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. I will be coming back in the future."
“Pleasant staff. Great experience. No wait. The dental hygienist made me very comfortable and explained everything to me. Awesome receptionist. Would definitely recommend."
“Perfect mix of personalities made my experience wonderful. I was made to feel comfortable and it was a painless procedure"
“I love this place!! It is amazing. I purchased a Groupon and it was well spent. My hygienists really took her time and made me feel special. She also used old school and new school tools."
“Friendly staff, patient doctor who explains everything extensively. They offered me a discount without me asking. Well worth the drive."
“Wonderful friendly and kind staff! I've had anxiety going to the dentist my whole life and while it's not gone the staff has helped to ease some of that anxiety and stress."
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