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Ensuring the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene begins with routine visits to our Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill dental office.

Here at Perfect Smiles dental, it is our mission to ensure that your dental cleanings in Pleasant Hill are as carefree and relaxed as possible. We do this by ensuring that our doctors and hygienists work in tandem to provide the most comprehensive dental checkup possible, from the second you enter our office, to the moment you leave feeling, healthy, clean, and fresh.

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What Happens During Dental Cleanings & Examinations

During your oral examination, the dentist will inspect your mouth and teeth for any potential evidence of any possible issue or concern. There is no need to worry.

It is simply paramount, as with any issue of a medical nature, to catch a problem early to nip it in the bud. Every person's examination experience will be different, as it will cater to the specifics of each patient; however, all dental checkups will have some key components in common.



It is critical for the oral specialist to garner X-ray images so to accurately examine any signs of decay or loss of bone beneath the gums. These images are essential for any examination and preparation for periodontal treatments.

Tooth Decay

During the checkup, a thorough examination will be conducted for any signs of wear or decay in the tooth. The sooner we can catch any sign of tooth decay, the more likely the success of preventing expensive and painful tooth loss.

Gum Disease

During the checkup, we will thoroughly examine the patient's gums so to ensure they are reliable and healthy. Should there be any evidence or any sign of periodontal disease, you and your oral specialist will review all options and plans for treatment to sustain your oral health adequately. This may require further appointments to correct the issue.

Restoration Checkup

Should the patient have any pre-existing bridgework, implants, or fillings, they will be thoroughly examined so to confirm they are properly functional. By consistently monitoring and checking these pre-existing treatments we can increase their lifespan significantly.

Oral Cancer Screening

When it comes to more severe and dangerous oral issues like oral cancer, it is critical to catch a disease like this as soon as possible to ensure an entirely successful treatment. These dental cleanings in Pleasant Hill will help the patient stay alert and safe.

“I had a thorough exam and cleaning today with a well formulated treatment plan moving forward. Staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. I will be coming back in the future."
“Pleasant staff. Great experience. No wait. The dental hygienist made me very comfortable and explained everything to me. Awesome receptionist. Would definitely recommend."
“Perfect mix of personalities made my experience wonderful. I was made to feel comfortable and it was a painless procedure"
“I love this place!! It is amazing. I purchased a Groupon and it was well spent. My hygienists really took her time and made me feel special. She also used old school and new school tools."
“Friendly staff, patient doctor who explains everything extensively. They offered me a discount without me asking. Well worth the drive."
“Wonderful friendly and kind staff! I've had anxiety going to the dentist my whole life and while it's not gone the staff has helped to ease some of that anxiety and stress."
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