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When should I seek emergency dental care?

Situations in which teeth have been knocked out of place or loosened are certainly occasions for emergency dental care.

Likewise, should a cracked tooth occur, you will likely require an emergency dentist in Pleasant Hill to alleviate intense pain immediately. Chipped or cracked teeth are certainly issues that need to prompt care, but they aren't considered to be dental emergencies. Should you be suffering from such an ailment, please book an appointment, and we will see you at your earliest convenience.

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First aid

In situations involving severe oral trauma, it is very realistic for your oral specialist to rescue the injured tooth. Make sure to take the following measures to increase the chances of restoring your tooth for years to come.

If your tooth has been knocked out or dislodged, the first step is to call Pleasant Hill dental immediately. If we can deal with the emergency within one hour, we will likely be able to save your tooth. In this situation, ensure that you handle the tooth by the crown as opposed to the root.

If it is possible to re-insert the tooth into its original position without causing any pain or discomfort, this will yield the best results, but if this proves impossible, be sure to situate your tooth inside your mouth near your cheek as you head over for emergency care.

If keeping your tooth within your mouth proves impossible, the next best thing is to keep the dislodged tooth in a container soaked in water, milk, or saliva - ensuring that the tooth is hydrated is of the utmost importance.

A dental emergency is a very serious matter and by no means to be taken lightly. Sometimes an oral issue can cause excruciating pain. Accidents happen, and on occasion, even the most well cared for teeth can be susceptible to injury.

Unfortunately, not only are these incidents sources of significant anxiety but often also extremely painful. That is why our Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill team is on call ready to assist in any emergency to preserve your teeth and mend your injury in any and every possible way with maximum comfort.

Hydrating The Dislodged Tooth Is Important

If you have dislodged a crown, keep it sanitized and safe. If it's possible, temporarily place the crown back into its place as you make preparations to visit your dentist for a more lasting solution.

If you have lost a crown altogether, however, the cement that was used to make the crown can be utilized to fill the gap and keep further damage to a minimum. Be sure to visit our Pleasant Hill dental office immediately to ease your discomfort. In the meantime, you can rest a cold compress or ice onto the area or the cheek to ease the pain and prevent any swelling. Pain relievers such as Tylenol will also greatly help the pain.

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