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For ages, the only method of attaining a radiant straight smile was through frustrating, painstaking devices such as head-gears, braces, and other such instruments of maximum intrusion.

Thankfully, nowadays, there is no shortage of dental approaches to combat your oral ailments. For many patients in our dental community, Invisalign in Pleasant Hill is the premier choice to achieve a beautiful smile.

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The Invisalign Process

Once your initial set of aligners are manufactured, it’s time to begin the treatment process. To get the best results, we advise that you wear your plates for 20-22 hours each day, removing them only to eat, drink, and exercise your routine daily oral maintenance.

One of the most significant benefits of the Invisalign process,particularly compared to old braces, is that you’re able to eat and drink whatever you’d like during the treatment.

That said, you should still avoid smoking or drinking to prevent any staining. You may remove your trays when snacking and chewing gum but don’t forget to re-insert the trays after each snack break or meal.

Your Pleasant Hill dentist will provide you with multiple trays at a time to swap out at your convenience, and you’ll only be required to do so every one to two weeks. Say farewell to painful and tedious adjustment visits! Every patient’s process will be different, as each plan is tailor-made, but in general, you can expect the treatment to last for about 12-18 months. Luckily, you’ll begin noticing the difference in only a few short weeks.

After the Process

Once the Invisalign process comes to an end, we recommend that you utilize a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original positions.

There is no shortage of retainer options for you, lots of which are similarly indetectable to your Invisalign trays. Once your teeth seem adequately adjusted, your retainer usage will become limited to bedtime only.

Our premiere Invisalign Pleasant Hill specialists are here for you to assist in maintaining and sustaining your brand new shining smile.

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Will Invisalign work for you?

Patient’s are often shocked by the number of issues Invisalign is capable of correcting. Yes, Invisalign has replaced the traumas of braces for a new generation who will never know the hardships of the old way.

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Straightening in general
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite

Getting the facts

But even our adult patients are discovering the miraculous benefits in attaining the ideal smile via Invisalign. Visit our premier dentist in Pleasant Hill practice today to learn how the Invisalign process can best steer you toward the smile of your dreams. Here are some standard questions we get about Invisalign in Pleasant HIll:

Is Invisalign painful?

The process of straightening your teeth can cause some minor discomfort, but it is slight in comparison to the old ways of correcting these same issues. Yes, there is a brief period of adjustment to the new sensation, but our always-satisfied patients report that this adaptation happens quite quickly.

Invisalign may affect my speech

It is possible that the early days of adapting to Invisalign may cause a slight lisp, as you adjust to the feeling of the trays, but after a short time, you’ll barely register their presence.

Is Invisalign costly?

Invisalign is no more expensive than braces used to cost, or other comparable methods of straightening. Also, it is very common for Invisalign to be covered by most insurance providers.

What to expect prior to receiving aligners

It all begins with you and your oral specialist coming up with a plan that fits your needs through a guided digital step by step tour of your oral journey. Once the plan is established, we will begin creating your initial customized set of trays at our advanced oral laboratory.

“I had a thorough exam and cleaning today with a well formulated treatment plan moving forward. Staff was exceptionally helpful and kind. I will be coming back in the future."
“Pleasant staff. Great experience. No wait. The dental hygienist made me very comfortable and explained everything to me. Awesome receptionist. Would definitely recommend."
“Perfect mix of personalities made my experience wonderful. I was made to feel comfortable and it was a painless procedure"
“I love this place!! It is amazing. I purchased a Groupon and it was well spent. My hygienists really took her time and made me feel special. She also used old school and new school tools."
“Friendly staff, patient doctor who explains everything extensively. They offered me a discount without me asking. Well worth the drive."
“Wonderful friendly and kind staff! I've had anxiety going to the dentist my whole life and while it's not gone the staff has helped to ease some of that anxiety and stress."
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