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Nupur Gupta, DDS

General Dentist in Pleasant Hill, CA

Your time is valuable, which is why Nupur Gupta, DDS, of Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill made the decision to add same day dentistry to the list of services available to residents of Pleasant Hill, California. Schedule a consultation to explore the options, and learn how same day dentistry can help you reach your treatment goals. Booking a visit takes just minutes online or by speaking to a friendly team member over the phone.

Same Day Dentistry Q & A

What is same day dentistry?

As the name implies, same day dentistry is the term used for treatments that can be completed without a return trip to the office. Not all dental offices are equipped to accommodate same day dentistry. 

Very often, patients need to schedule a second appointment to have various treatments performed. That can be inconvenient, especially if you are experiencing discomfort. 

What kinds of treatments can be performed using same day dentistry?

Treatments like gum treatment involving deep cleanings, fillings, extractions can be done on the same day as your recall visits.

Dr Gupta and her team can work with your schedule and make sure if some work that you are diagnosed with can be done on the same day, so it can limit your visits.

How do I know if same day dentistry is right for me?

While same day dentistry is a great option, it isn’t right for everyone. There are cases where your gums and other tissues need to heal before treatment continues. 

During your dental exam, Dr. Gupta explains all of your treatment options. She’ll also discuss the timing of treatments, and whether same day dentistry is right for your current set of dental needs. 

For example, if you have untreated gum disease, it’s important to improve the health of your gums before moving forward with many types of treatment. Dr. Gupta can guide you toward treatments and improvements in your oral hygiene habits to get your gums into better shape. When the time comes to continue your restorative or cosmetic treatment, Dr. Gupta will discuss the role that same day dentistry might play in your progress. 

What can I do to make my dental appointments more effective? 

If you’re like most, you probably live an active life filled with obligations at home, work, and in your community. Finding time to schedule and come in for dental care isn’t always easy. Making the most of your appointments can help you fit this important care into your busy schedule. 

You can make your dental appointments more effective by thinking about your treatment goals prior to coming in. Be prepared to share the details of your budget and your desired timeline. This information can help you and Dr. Gupta determine which treatments are best suited for you and whether same day dentistry is an option. 

If you’d like to explore your same day dentistry options, call the office today. You can also book an appointment at Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill online from the comfort of home, any time of day or night.