I’ve Cracked My Tooth — Now What?

Although your teeth are coated in a hard coat of enamel, harder than any other substance in your body, your teeth can still crack and break. You might not know you’ve cracked a tooth — or the problem might be obvious! No matter what, the experts at Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill are here to help.

Under the leadership of Nupur Gupta, DDS, our experienced care team provides dental services, including emergency dental care, for patients in the Pleasant Hill, California area. Here’s what Dr. Gupta wants her new and existing patients to know about handling a cracked tooth.

Signs and symptoms of a cracked tooth

Beneath your white dental enamel, a hard yellow layer of dentin protects the interior of your tooth. Inside, pulp contains nerves and blood vessels. Damage to the exterior of your teeth can leave you exposed to increased sensitivity, as your nerves react to pressure and changes in temperature.

Even if you don’t have painful symptoms, a crack in one of your teeth can allow harmful bacteria to enter its interior. This can lead to dental and oral health complications later on. Getting a cracked tooth checked out right away is the best strategy to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth strong. Regular dental checkups are helpful in catching potential cracks early.

Professional and effective repair options

The good news is, a cracked tooth can often be saved, especially if treated promptly. Your outcomes will depend on the crack’s severity, location, and type. At Perfect Smiles Dental, Dr. Gupta can often treat cracked teeth with bonding, crowns, and root canals, allowing you to keep your natural teeth in place.

Teeth with cracks that extend below the gumline typically can’t be saved. A split tooth, or a cracked tooth badly impacted by infection will need to be extracted. You may be able to replace your natural tooth with a dental implant.

If you think, or know, that you have a cracked tooth, don’t delay. Get in touch with the Perfect Smiles Dental of Pleasant Hill care team right away. Contact our office in Pleasant Hill, California over the phone, or schedule with our easy online tool.

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